June 13 Infrastructure with Terraform & Consul
Rembrandt Ballroom
Building Secure Applications with Vault
P.C Hooft Salon
Intermediate Terraform
Coster Salon
Scheduling Applications with Nomad
Van Baerle Salon
08:30 Registration & Breakfast Trainings will take place at The College Hotel and require a paid ticket. Tickets may be purchased from the HashiConf EU website.
12:30 Lunch Times are staggered to reduce congestion. Your instructor will inform you when it is time for lunch.
15:15 Break
17:00 Dinner on your own Dinner is not included with training, but you are encouraged to get a meal with your fellow students.
June 14 Track 1 Transformatorhuis Track 2 Westerunie
08:00 Registration & Breakfast
09:30 Opening Keynote Mitchell Hashimoto | Armon Dadgar
10:30 Break
10:40 Building secure clouds using HashiCorp tools Nicki Watt The Rise of the Digital Platform in the Cloud: Luxury or Necessity? Ben Scowen | Raj Mahal
11:20 Break
11:30 KeyOps: Securing Fastly's Infrastructure with Vault Alexandru Totolici Scaling Operations with Nomad Diptanu Choudhury
12:10 Lunch
13:25 Migratory workloads across clouds with Nomad Phil Watts Making a mammoth run:continuous delivery in a bank Laurent Grangeau | Christophe Lecointe
14:05 Break
14:15 How to stay sane during your Vagrant journey Jakub Wądołowski Packer and Microsoft Azure Paul Meyer
14:55 Coffee Break
15:15 Applying Graph Theory to Infrastructure as Code Paul Hinze
15:45 State of the union: AWS and HashiCorp integrations Vish Vishvanath | Matt McClean
16:30 Evening Social from 17:00-20:30
June 15 Track 1 Transformatorhuis Track 2 Westerunie
08:30 Breakfast
09:30 Resource Efficiency - A Comeback Story Anne Currie
10:00 OS Hardening and Packer Werner Buck
10:30 Break
10:40 How to hot-swap your container platform Benny Cornelissen Develop and test infrastucture like application Kenta Katsura | Sho Yamamura
11:20 Break
11:30 Immutable Infrastructure at Scale Vikas Bhatti Managing Secrets in a Container Environment Jeff Mitchell
12:10 Lunch
13:25 Hyperscale Computing with gRPC and the HashiStack Kelsey Hightower Getting Started After Getting Started Casey Lang
14:05 Break
14:15 How to extend the Terraform provider list Paul Stack fabio - A Stateless Load Balancer Frank Schröder
14:55 Coffee Break
15:05 Production ChaosMonkey with Terraform Matthew Campbell The path to a self assembling architecture - a Consul <3 story Zachary Schneider
15:45 Coffee Break
15:55 Securing Ad Hoc Mutable Infrastructure Will Bengtson
16:45 Closing Happy Hour!