The Rise of the Digital Platform in the Cloud: Luxury or Necessity?

Ben Scowen will set out the case for why every business, public or private, requires a digital platform on which to drive business outcomes and cultural change. He will define what a digital platform is and how it can allow a business to gain market advantage by integrating the latest innovation with an existing IT estate; make cloud the primary way of delivering and consuming IT; orchestrate SaaS and On-Prem services; consolidate IT; manage access, identity and security; drive insights from your data; and support a shift to a DevOps-based culture and approach.
The talk will lead into a demonstration of Capgemini’s Immediate platform which has at its heart the "secret sauce" of all platforms – "Infrastructure as Code"; the demo will include the real time:

• Auto provision of the Immediate Platform onto Amazon, based on the principle of "infrastructure as code" powered by the Hashcorp product set.

• Deployment of a single page application and API onto the platform to demonstrate Application Lifecycle Management and continuous delivery.

• Operational monitoring capabilities that enable a proactive not reactive approach to service management.